Adventures of a Gardener

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Show Description

The author had the following to say about this video, “Be the gardener for a day and experience the sizzling adventures awaiting for you! Ditch the rake and prepare for a quickie instead… you might as well turn their yoga class into a steamy threesome!”

Life as a gardener is pretty mundane and chill. There aren’t many responsibilities except making sure everything is manicured properly on time, which is easy enough. The only con about the gig is that it gets boring and lonely working alone, travelling from house to house. Well, it’s your lucky day because one of your client’s is actually an interactive pornstar, and her friend wants to have a steamy threesome together. You’re cleaning the pool, just another day, and the client asks if you can take her to her friends house. Normally you wouldn’t, but it’s on the way, so you head over, and it turns out her friends are incredibly hot. We’re talking porn star, fuck slut hot. Upon introduction, they immediately think you’re really cute, and offer you something to drink. Jenna goes and grabs a drink for you, but upon return, accidentally spills it all over you! Being the amazing hostess that she is, she without hesitation removes her top and dries off your shirt and pants. Her titties are incredible, and you start to get hard through your pants as she’s cleaning you off. It’s so obvious, and Jenna then asks if she can give you a blowjob for the inconvenience. Who could resist, right? So Jenna starts sucking your cock right there in the living room. It’s the best blowjob you’ve ever gotten, and Jenna is so horny now that she wants to fuck you too. You take her over to the couch and fuck her doggy, then she rides your cock like a pony until you pull out and nut all over her face. After the fuck fest, some more of Jenna’s friends arrive. It’s the mature euro cougar Puma Swede. You’ve got to get going, but make a note that you’ll be back to check out Puma’s fine MILF ass. Flash forward to next week, and you’re arriving to garden at Puma’s house. She’s doing her weekly yoga session with friend, Sandy, and little do you know, things are heating up into something else. Puma and sandy oftentimes start making out and masturbating each other during the yoga session to relieve even more stress. As you approach, you catch them licking each others pussies, and they offer to suck your cock and fuck you too! What a first day on the job. You fuck both of them in an awesome POV threesome too!