A Walk Down Memory Lane

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Show Description

The main question that needs to get answered in this story is: Who the fuck is Rebekah? Is she the stranger, amnesiac woman you find in your house? Or the chatty, horny waitress in The Blue Moon bar? The tough gangster cunt? Or her cocky assistant…? This Rebekah bitch is definitely a mysterious one… So you better find out who she exactly is until it is not too late!

Straight out of some sort of twilight zone episode, this interactive xxx game starts off with you bumping off to a nude stranger taking a shower in your house. You immediately confront her, but she has some sort of amnesia and doesn’t remember who she is or why she’s there. Strange. This chick is super cute though, and isn’t really concerned about being naked with the amnesia thing and all, so you can’t help but stare are her juicy tits glistening from the shower. After drying off, she wants to reward you for helping you figure out her predicament. This slut then throws off her towel, bends over, and starts fingering her pussy in front of you. She motions for you to come over, and starts sucking your cock near the bed. You then lay down and she gets on top of your hard cock and starts riding it hard. You fuck like that for a few minutes, before she hops off your cock and jerks you off until you cum all over her pretty face. After the quick fuck at your place, you head over to the diner where Rebecca was last seen. the waitress is a complete bitch at first, but then informs you that the blonde babe isn’t even Rebecca. Once the beans are spilled, she comes over to you and starts rubbing your cock through your pants. You then let her give you a bj, and fuck her right on the restaurant table before cumming all over her cute feet. Back at your place, you break the news to the mysterious girl and suddenly some dark haired woman bursts through the front door. After a quick confrontation, she wants to have sex too. You then finally meet the real Rebecca, and fuck her in the garage. What a crazy, confusing all out fuck fest. We give it a 8.789/10 just because.