A Day With Dillion

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Show Description

Have you ever dreamed of having a girlfriend experience with one of your favorite porn stars? Welp, that fantasy can totally become a reality with A Day with Dillion. Dillion Harper is no doubt one of the sexiest models in porn right now, and with this virtual GFE pov video, you can experience what it’s like to go on a date and fuck this beauitful brunette bombshell. The show starts off with Dillion by the pool, slowly teasing and stripping for you because she knows it drives you absolutely crazy. After getting completely nude by the pool, Dillion starts playing with her amazing all natural tits all while slowly massaging and rubbing her clit. Damn, the whole thing was actually just a dream. You wake up to your alarm to find Dillion next to you sleeping. After a good morning kiss, Dillion invites you over to the shower to play with her perfect pink pussy. You use the shower head to massage her clit, while grabbing and spanking her amazing round ass. By this point, you’ve gotten her extremely horny, so she leads you back to the bed where she begins to suck your cock. It feels simply amazing as she wraps her tongue and lips firmly around the tip of your penis. Next, you grab her hair and force her to deepthroat your cock. It feels even better – and she looks so pretty choking, gagging, and spitting all over your dick. After swallowing like a good GF should, the two of you head to the living room for some yoga and exercise. Dillion is incredibly flexible, and she even lets you rub her pussy while she stretches. After the quick yoga sesh, the two of you head outside to sunbath, where you continue to massage and grope her perfect boobies. You’re unfortunately interrupted by the doorbell, but to your surprise it’s one of Dillion’s swinger girlfriends. The two horny porn starlets proceed to suck your cock again before taking turns riding your dick until you cum. Damn what a day! You too can re-live the ultimate POV girlfriend experience in this interactive sex movie!